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The Hugo Finalist where announced this morning! You can see the full list here. I'm quite delighted with many things on the light. Xuya is a finalist for Best Series! I've been nominating in every year since Best Series was introduced and I'm so happy its on this list this year. My friends at [community profile] ladybusiness are nominated for best Fanzine! They do amazing work and they published some of my pieces so I guess that means my work is nominated too! AO3 is finalist for Best Related Work! I haven't read much of the short fiction but I'm looking forward to checking it out. And the Lodestar has name. Still not tried of seeing it in official communications. And the finalist for the list looks pretty good.

Fansplanning is doing a survey on shipping. Its open to everyone one -- they would really like to reach people out side of transformative works fandom so please take the survey and pass it along to your friends. I just took it and it was pretty quick.

Marissa Lingen has new essay up at Uncanny: "That Never Happened: Misplaced Skepticism and the Mechanisms of Suspension of Disbelief"
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1) Aliette de Board on Motherhood and Erasure is now live!

2)over at [community profile] ladybusiness we are celebrating RecMas where a variety of people post recs to create a themed rec list every day from Dec 1- 25. I've taken part in quite a few of the lists so far.

3)Welcome new and returning people!

4)Happy Hanukkah everyone! So far I'm having a very nice holiday with plenty of food fried in oil.
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I'm interviewed in the most recent episode of Cabbages and Kings. We talked about immersion and worldbuilding, and I got to geek out a bit about ecology. The episode is 30 minutes long. Go have a listen if you'd like.

Cabbages and Kings is a fairly new podcast that I've been enjoying. (I've also been chatting with the host, Jonah Sutton-Morse on twitter.) All the episodes are 30 min or less which nice change from most SFF podcasts which are long and rambling. Currently there are lots interviews which feature people talking about their history with SFF and aspects of the genre they are passionate about. There are also some episodes that are in depth looks at books, I'm quite found to the two part episode on Ancillary Justice which talks a lot about theory of mind.
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When I need to cheer myself up about life I sometimes post a list of good things. This last week the online SFF community has needed some cheering up so here are some things I'm enjoying about SFF and the communty right now.

1) Zen Cho has new story out! “Monkey King, Faerie Queen” I loved it!

2) I'm very excited about this new quarterly short fiction servery being run by Renay, Jodie, Cecily, and Jonah.

3) Fantasy Cafe is hosting women in SF&F month.

4) Some of my favorite short fiction writers Ken Liu, Zen Cho, and Aliette de Bodard all have novels coming out this year.

5) Lots of other excellent authors have novels coming out too including Kate Elliot and N.K. Jemisin.

6) Remember how I joined Twitter and few months ago? I like it way more than I thought I would. Cool fandom people and authors sometimes interact with me. Also I get links to lots of interesting stuff I wouldn't find otherwise.

7) I have been reading fun stuff lately including Voyage of the Basilisk by Marie Brennan, Kate Elliot's Crossroads Trilogy, and the 1st volume of Rat Queens.

8) Another short story I read recently and enjoyed was "The Shape of My Name" by Nino Cipri I might have skipped it but several people recommended it to me and I'm glad they did.

9) My library has been pretty good to me. I have Karen Memory out now, and I'm up to third in line for Station Eleven.

10) Have I mentioned lately that I'm impressed with the range of ebook reprints available from Open Road Media? Some authors their that I would recommend: Samel R Delany, Lisa Goldstein, and Barbara Hambly
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My guide to 2014 short fiction is now up on Lady Business. Check it out if you nominating in for the Hugo or would just like some recs for good short fiction.

Hugo Links

Jan. 29th, 2015 08:06 am
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I just got back from two weeks’ vacation. I had good time but I’m happy to be home again. While I was gone my Hugo Pin showed up in my inbox, which is exciting. That reminded me that I have some resources for Hugo nomination that I wanted to share with you. These are mostly things that will help you figure out what’s eligible and it what category.

(If you aren’t member of world con you can still nominate if you join by the 31st, also known as next Saturday. As reminder here is why I think you might want to participate)

The official Hugo Awards site Contains news and history. Useful in for nominating because it contains a list of categories which can be helpful.

Hugo Eligible Art(ists) Tumblr Now showing art form 2014. Posts showcases of artists work form the last year. Good for finding out about new artist and what they published in 2014.

Semiprozine Directory A list of things that are eligible for smeiprozine. Very helpful as this category is hard to figure out.

Campbell Award Eligibility Page Lists writers eligible for the Campbell award. This award is technically not a Hugo but is nominated and voted on like a Hugo. Writers are eligible in the two years after their first pro sale.

Lady Business Spread Sheet An open source list of works people liked, by category maintained by the Lady Business editors. Lots and lots of recs. Handy for when you are wondering what novellas (for example) were published in 2014 and if you should read any of them.

Choas Horizon. This blog tries to use data to predict the hugo and nebula nominees. Not very helpful for making your own nominations, especially since it only really covers the novel category, but interesting if you enjoy data driven speculation about awards and the state of the genre.
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I've decided that "I'm going to do a proper best of the year round up next month" is not a reason not to post some short story recs now. So here are some links to stories I liked recently.

"This Chance Planet" by Elizabeth Bear

"The New Girl" by Marissa Lingen

"The Moon Over Red Trees" By Aliette de Bodard

Also some of you will appreciate this round up of short 2014 SFF stories with non-binary-gendered characters
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Charile Jane Anders is having a great year for her short fiction this year. I've really enjoyed everything of hers I've read so far this year. I first became aware of her about 3 years ago, when "Six Months, three days" was published on I loved that short which went on to win both the Hugo and the Nebula. So after that I started seeking out Charlie Jane Anders's stories. And last year they were good, but not great. (None of her work ended up in my 2013 short fiction recs.) But this year all of her stuff is just amazing. Here are links to her 2014 stories online:

The Cartography of Sudden Death

The Unfathomable Sisterhood of Ick

Break! Break! Break!

As Good As New

In other short fiction news I just finished Zen Cho's collection Spirits Abroad which was excellent. Highly recommended!

Also if you are interested in it the state you short SFF Renay has a intersting post about the lack of a short fiction review community over at [community profile] ladybusiness. (She even mentions me as someone with good taste in short fiction. Pardon me, while I try to doge my imposture syndrome.)
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I'm not a systematic short fiction reader. I read look through a few online 'zines semi-regularly and read things that look interesting. Well, at lest I bookmark them to read latter. I'm not quite caught up with my to-read book mark folder. Nonetheless we are about half way through 2014 (where does the time go?) and I think it time to talk about some the excellent I've been reading. So here are some links to things published this year that I've read and enjoyed. I've included the 1st line of each story to give you taste.

The Suitcase Aria by Marissa Lingen "I was in my dressing room putting on my makeup when Lukas came to tell me about the body in the canals."

21 Steps to Enlightenment (Minus One)by LaShawn M. Wanak "When a spiral staircase appears in front of you, don't panic."

The Cartography of Sudden Death by Charlie Jane Anders "Ythna came to the Beldame’s household when she was barely old enough to walk."

The Unfathomable Sisterhood of Ick by Charlie Jane Anders "After Roger broke up with Mary, she only had two places to go."

So Sharp That Blood Must Flow by Sunny Moraine "In the end, the water goes black with the witch’s blood."

Autodidact by Benjanun Sriduangkaew "On Srisunthorn Station, the corpses of conquered stars are nurtured into ships."

If you've read any of these or read them because of this post, let me know what you think.

Also I've love to hear about other awesome short fiction you've read recently.
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If you are interested in learning more about the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, which I mentioned visiting last week, KQED's QUEST has a series of programs and articles about the Delta, which you can find here. It's good over view of the current issues, and little bit of history.
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Neat news item on crop rotation reducing the carbon input of agriculture, while still growing just as much food. (I continue to be impressed by research going on at Iowa Sate)


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