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This answer is part of the Environmental Science FONSFAQ. This was going to be part of Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, but it took longer then planed to write.

Q: Should I worry about genetically modified crops?

I’m going to assume that by genetically modified crops you mean transgenic crops. Some people argue that all domestication is a process of genetic modification. This is true but also a bit like saying all chemicals are natural. I think transgenic crops are clearly different from other forms of plant breeding. Transgenic crops are crops where genes from another species have been added to the original crop’s genome (the set of all of an organism’s genes). Two genes are most commonly used in modern agriculture: Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) a bacteria derived insecticide, and Roundup Ready – a gene which confers resistance to Monsanto’s herbicide: Roundup.

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forestofglory: a small plant in a clump of dirt  (eco-geek)
FONSFAQ stands for "Frequently (Or Not So Frequently) Asked Questions" (about a particular topic). Someone hosts a topic, preferably one per entry, and then in comments people can ask - i.e. leave prompts - or claim some issue relating to the topic that they have always wanted to explain/write about. The host then collects the links to all essays that people have written in reply to the prompts and everybody has a lot to read and learn! [personal profile] dingsi maintains the master list of FONSFAQs to date.

I'm hosting Food and Agriculture. This is the place to ask questions about anything related to the topic, from how to bake bread to agricultural subsidies. Want to know about crop rotation, IMP, or hedgerows? What about food justice, urban agriculture, and food deserts? Or why bread rises? How to can at home without risking botulism? Here is the place to ask all this and more.

I have a background in ecology and sustainable agriculture, so I'm going to focus my answers in those areas. This a fairly broad topic that can be looked at in lots of ways. Hopefully other people will help me out in areas I don't know about.

People are welcome to claim prompts, you but are also welcome to answer the same question in multiple ways. Some questions cover a lot of ground or can have multiple valid answers, so I think having more then one post per-questions is a good idea. Still if there are unanswered questions try to get to those first.


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