Flashficlet: all I need to know

Apr. 20th, 2019 08:10 am
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I wrote a little 700 word ficlet last night:

all I need to know
PG-rated, established relationship, no particular spoilers
Summary: Three months of mutually investigating each other, occasionally crossing over into actual B&E and/or stalking, and Shen Wei decides to enforce his boundaries now, when they’re finally together?
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I know there's probably entirely justified concern about what information Facebook is gleaning about people who use it - and even if my use of it is pretty minimal it would still be problematic to give it up when there are people in my life who do use it as their primary means of contact.

But I have been lately been given to wonder exactly how granular and detailed is the information that is gleaned, and, okay, I daresay my adblocker is blocking ads so I'm not seeing these anyway, and I've gone into the ads settings and turned off just about everything that might be deployed to advertise things to me -

Which hasn't stopped, once or twice over the past weeks, sponsored advertising posts popping up in my timeline WOT, but after I have spent some time clicking to hide these, the hint appears to be taken...

But, anyway, in the wholly Point Thahr: Misst stakes, when I go into Settings/Ads/Preferences/'Advertisers', and find a whole swathe who come from 'contact list added to Facebook', they are 99.9999 recurring US-based, most of them realtors, with a tiny sprinkling of health-related organisations. And I go through, and I delete them, or at least remove them from view, and wonder Y O Y? how pointless is that? given that my location is one of the few bits of public-facing information available?

Or is this a subtle misleading? and in fact I am being bombarded with subliminal wombattery, because their algorithms have noted that what I post is mostly wombats? and I am being lulled into a false sense of security?

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I have finished my MDZS WIP (on my phone, so no wordcount updates; it must be over 40k though) and can now do other things with my life for a bit!!! I'm not letting myself touch it for edits until next weekend. It needs editing, and lots of it, but: complete first draft!

Happy full moon, everyone.

Query: Detective L

Apr. 20th, 2019 02:08 am
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While faffing about on the internet (as one does) I saw that Bai Yu's new show Detective L was now out, and online! (I had the impression it wouldn't be and wasn't paying much attention other than eyeing the trailers wistfully.)

Only raws, no subs though.

I watched the first ep and enjoyed it a lot. It starts out very BBC Sherlock, down to the music, which was disconcerting at first, but I got over that. Will be watching the rest soon-ish, but this is currently a definite rec.


My question is, does anyone know about whether anybody is working on subs? I want to pimp it to people who don't Chinese. :)

FIC: "A Heart Unmasked"

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:02 pm
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So I'm starting to post my first Guardian fic. This will be about 25k, and it's almost done. I'll be posting a chapter every weekend from here on out. It's also a collaboration with the amazing [personal profile] altie who made the most amazing art inspired by this fic.

A Heart Unmasked

Chapter: 1/8
Pairing: Shěn Wēi/Zhào Yúnlán
Rating: Explicit

Summary: To save his brother, a young Shen Wei pledges his allegiance to a Dixing warlord. He grows up to become the most feared general in the Dixing Uprising. But that is not his destiny. His destiny drops from the sky one day in the form of a strange Haixingren who saves his life and changes everything, most of all Shen Wei's heart.
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A delightful middle-grade novel about a girl who acquires a flock of chickens with superpowers.

I feel like that’s really all that needs to be said. Either this is something you immediately want to read, or not. But a few more things I liked about it…

- It’s epistolatory, told completely in the form of letters, chicken quizzes and pamphlets, to-do lists, etc.

- There are a lot of completely accurate chicken facts.

- The superpowers are used the way that actual chickens would use superpowers if they had them. They’re not superintelligent chickens, just regular chickens with unusual abilities.

- The heroine, Sophie, is biracial (white father, Mexican-American mother) and while this is relevant to the story, it’s not what the story is about. Are you or do you know a Latina girl who wants a book where someone like them is the heroine and it’s not about Issues? Do they like chickens and/or The X-Men? Then they are the perfect reader for this book.

- Honestly though anyone is the perfect reader for this book. I guess unless they hate and fear chickens.

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

*waves awkwardly*

Apr. 19th, 2019 09:53 am
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Hey everyone, I"m home again.

Very tired from new meds, very tired from the experience, just...very tired.

But not in a bad way. In an I-have-to-readjust-to-life way.

Thank you all for the love and support and kindness you've shown me and [personal profile] fullupwithfire this week. You've been amazing and I am so happy to have you all in my life.

There are some things I'm going to try and do differently but I'm still trying to figure out how that is going to work. We'll see how it goes.

But I'm home again and it feels so, so good.
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 ... but bless your hearts, I sincerely hope that none of your tottering piles of paper books come into contact with fire, water, or silverfish. And that you never have to move ten times in ten years with only two suitcases for luggage. And that you never wind up moving to a country with such a minuscule English publishing industry that the only paper editions available to you are imported ones that cost half your (generous) monthly book budget. 

(I just... y'all, I'm so fucking tired. Of the Kondo reactions, the reactions to the reactions, the paper book evangelism, the judgement re: buying from Amazon like some of us even HAVE indies nearby, or the ones that do exist actually sell the sort of books we read. You do you, and leave everyone else out of your damned nonsense.)
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I have posted the second part of my take/thoughts on the Lost Tomb Series - in which Zhu Yilong will take part as Wu Xie in Lost Tomb Restart (or Lost Tomb 3)

You can find it here

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And the first post here


Up from the country (10)

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:58 am
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 Nonetheless, there was still a little round of diversions, and Livvy was took a jaunt to Vauxhall with Sophy and Sam and Jerome, and to the menagerie at Exeter Exchange, sure she would have a deal to tell the household when she returned to the manor! And Sophy conveyed her to a fine china warehouse so that she might put herself in possession of pots suited to lotions and washes.

Besides those, Livvy minded that some pretty pieces of chaney would make excellent presents for her fellow-servants upon her return.

But that put her into the thought that she should find some gift for Sophy, that was such a fine friend and guide in the ways of Town and great households. It was a puzzle.

It came to her that she might ask Maurice, that was Sophy’s cousin and might have some knowledge of her tastes. So while she was about helping him tidy after what she must suppose was nigh on the final fittings, making sure there was no fallen pins on the floor &C, while he went about the task of folding the garments – that seemed quite an art – she looked up from her labours and asked him what he thought Sophy might appreciate.

Maurice straightened up. Hmmmm.  He looked thoughtful. I have heard her say, he said, that she has seen ladies that had plants growing in pots in their drawing-rooms, and she thought it a very pretty thing. Better than cut flowers that will go wither very soon.

Livvy sighed.

Why, I fancy there are nurserymen sell such things – and sure, you might ask one or other of the gardeners here whether they might advize. He gave her a sidelong glance. I am like to think they would be entire happy to do so.

Livvy blushed. Why, mayhap I will do so, she said. For indeed, that would be a fine out of the common thing to give Sophy.

So a day or so later, when she found herself at liberty with no pressing tasks, she went down to the fine hothouses of Offgrange House – sure, she might be going pick out some flowers for Lady Fairleigh’s sitting-room, or a button-hole bloom for Sir Charles – and peeped about to see might she find a gardener.

She saw a dim figure inside one, and stepped inside.

To her extreme confusion, 'twas no gardener but the Marquess himself, holding little Lady Di and showing off some flower to her – indeed, had been give out that His Lordship was very well reputed for his studies upon plants and flowers and his learning in the matter.

Livvy, exceeding flustered, made a dip.

How now, Bracewell! What do you here? Perchance a flower for your hair when you go promenade?

Livvy blushed, but found herself explaining her mission, at which Lord Offgrange looked exceeding interested. Somewhat that would withstand a living-room – would not require cossetting in a hothouse – would not bloom and die but flower again – do you leave this pretty conundrum with me, I fancy I have some notions –

O, Your Lordship, I would not be presuming –

No, indeed, 'tis just the kind of problem I like to set my mind to – Lady Di, seeing his attention a little distracted, patted his face – Come along, my pet, let us go consider over this together.

Some few days later the Marquess came into the dressing-room as Livvy was putting her various lotions &C into the fine pots she had acquired, and placing them in the very elegant polished wooden box with brass corners that Sophy’s interest had put her into the way of.

She stood up and bobbed.

Why, Bracewell, I think I have the plant for you: might you provide me with a suitable pretty pot I will be about transplanting it, writing up a few little notes on care and watering –

O, said Livvy, somewhat overcome. O, Your Lordship, I did not expect –

Tush. Did I not say, entirely the kind of puzzle I like? Are we not entire grateful for your excellent care of Lady Fairleigh?

Why, 'tis a lady is a pleasure to serve, said Livvy.

The Marquess smiled at her. A pretty pot, he said, about – gesturing with his hands – such a size.

She could not ask Sophy to escort her about this errand, but she had discovered that Jerome was entire willing to squire her about Town did she require it. 'Twas a gratification. She did not think she was about taking any romantic notion towards him, but it was pleasing to a young woman to have such a fine fellow give her his arm, protect her in crowds, show attentive.

At last it came to the time almost to depart. 'Twas considered entire in order that she invited Sophy to a tea-drinking. Sophy came in looking a little sadly – La, Livvy, shall miss you. But, here is a little gift, for a remembrance

She handed over a fine cambric kerchief, edged with exquisite lace and embroidered with Livvy’s initials.

O, such lace!

Sophy gave a little smile. 'Tis Lady Trembourne’s own making. She was being painted by Sir Zoffany wearing the Trembourne Tiara, that is a quaint old-fashioned thing, and desired me to dress her hair for the purpose, and presented me with the lace.

And, said Livvy, bringing out the bowl with the flowering plant, I have this for you.

Sophy’s eyes grew very wide. O, she said, o, that quite exceeds.

A maid came in with tea.

They exchanged a little gossip, and vows of friendship, and considered over the possibilities that they might meet during the summer as Lady Bexbury went about her visits. They embraced and kissed, and Livvy sent her very best regards to Sam and to all in the Bexbury household and to all of Sophy’s connexion that she had had the pleasure of meeting –

La, I fancy Jerome will be somewhat disappointed that you go leave Town!

Livvy gave a little shrug: why, he is a pretty enough fellow, but very fine –

Sophy giggled and said, there was a piece she collected in a play, when a fellow goes mention marriage to a lady, and she replies that she would only have him might she have another suited to working days.

Livvy laughed. Why, 'tis so, and I fancy Sam is a fellow of that kind.

Sophy smiled very doating, and said, that he is.

They made somewhat tearful farewells.


And here they were, seated at the back of the church, Sir Toby and his groomsman already a-waiting at the altar.

O, said Hettie, such a pity that Lady Fairleigh might not come (for Sir Toby’s parish church was so situated that 'twould be a very difficult task to attain to it with the wheelchair). They sighed a little.

But, squeaked Maria, here she comes. O, is that our Miss Millick?

Livvy smiled. Had had some notion of how she would look thus arrayed, most exceeding fine: on Sir Charles’ arm, that would give her away, there being no father or brother to do so, attended by Lady Emily (Em, said Lady Fairleigh, for all her naughtiness, was ever Milly’s favourite, and 'tis very kind of her to offer); o, indeed she had consequence.

Miss Millick had said, looking about with tears in her eyes the fine presents that had been given her, sure she felt like the Queen of Sheba, only lacking the camels to carry 'em over to Sir Toby’s mansion.

And the pianoforte, had said Lady Emily, is already there. (For that was the gift from Lady Offgrange and her sisters.)

LIvvy sat back and hearkened to the words of the service, and Miss Millick’s clear and Sir Toby’s rather muttered responses, and thought that although had been very agreeable to go to Lunnon, and sample its pleasures, and see dear Sophy, was also very pleasant to be at home and in her rightful place once more.

Red Winged Blackbird

Apr. 18th, 2019 08:48 pm
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We have learned to recognize his chirps when he's on our balcony. There are three of them, I think. One has a very bold red band, then there's this one which is not as large, and then another one whose colors are quite faint and mostly yellow. Read more... )

Quick question for wheelchair users

Apr. 18th, 2019 05:42 pm
rachelmanija: (Default)
[personal profile] rachelmanija
This is for something I'm writing. The character uses a manual wheelchair. She's visiting an office and is impressed by how accessible it is, unlike pretty much the entire rest of the world. What features can it have that she'd notice?

It's a New York security agency which she's visiting as a client, but she can also notice ways in which it's accessible for anyone who works there as well. None of the current employees are physically disabled, so she'd be seeing the potential rather than noticing someone else navigating it in a wheelchair.

Sidetracks - April 18, 2019

Apr. 18th, 2019 04:53 pm
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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag. For more links and commentary you can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr. You can also support us on Patreon.

Read more... )

Ageing is strange (and variable)

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:10 am
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Talking about Discovery, I've had it in the back of my mind to point out -- okay, complain -- that as much as I like Rebecca Romijn as Number One, she's significantly younger than Majel Barrett when she played the role.

Only ... I just checked. Barrett was 32 when "The Cage" was filmed. Romijn was 44/45 when season 2 of Disco filmed. (She's now 46.)

Likewise, I did complain about Mia Kirshner being too young to play Amanda, and in her early 40s, she is much too young to play the mother of Michael (29-30) and Spock (late 20s). But she is also just 13 years younger than Jane Wyatt was when "Journey to Babel" filmed, which isn't far off the "ten years before TOS" timeline.

(I figured they cast Amanda on the youthful side because her first appearance was in a flashback to Michael at about 22, and it's easier and cheaper to age a younger actor up than an older actor down. But Kirshner also looks a lot like Wyatt -- moreso than Winona Ryder, in my opinion -- and I kind of like that they aren't bothering to age her up or down. We mostly see her through her children's perspective, and to them, she's constant.)

Anyone who has watched Classic Doctor Who knows that -- for various reasons of lifestyle, experience, diet and access to skincare products -- people seemed to age faster in the sixties. And that's without getting into the relatively subtle plastic surgery options available now. But ALSO I am really, really bad at estimating people's ages, in any era.

(I've also realised it doesn't do to get too caught up in linking actor and character ages with Disco. Saru is about Michael's age; Doug Jones is in his late fifties. Tilly cannot be more than 23 at the absolute most; Mary Wiseman is in her thirties. Michelle Yeoh is two years older than Jason Isaacs, but Georgiou was at the Academy with Pike, and Anson Mount is ten years Yeoh's junior -- and it's easier to assume Yeoh is younger than Mount is older.)

(All this is only a problem if, say, you had headcanonned a timeline for who was at the Academy when, how they overlapped and how that impacted their relationships, and you're still coming to terms with having to throw it all away and start over.)

Meanwhile, separately, casting for the Picard series is still coming out, and people are going, "Oh my God, the majority of the cast are in their thirties, this is going to be a teen drama!" Turns out some fans really did think it was going to be TNG 2.0. 

I made another poll

Apr. 19th, 2019 09:40 am
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Guardian (drama-centric) poll this way. All welcome! Assume vague spoilers for the whole show, but it's mostly centred on early eps.
china_shop: Close-up of Zhao Yunlan grinning (Default)
[personal profile] china_shop
Previous polls are here. Feel free to fill them out at any time, for science!

Assume spoilers for the whole show, to be on the safe side (but mostly focused on early eps).

Poll beneath the cut. )
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[personal profile] tanndell suggested an AU:

An AU where Zhao Yunlan is the Dixingren Black Cloak Envoy And Shen Wei is the Haixing Cop. Do what you will


As ever I am hoping someone will be inspired to write ^^

Speculation Based on Episode 23

Apr. 18th, 2019 03:55 pm
ranalore: (meta)
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I hit episode 23 in my Guardian rewatch, and I noticed a thing, and got to speculating as a result. There are two posts in my journal about it. The first one is more for context. The second one is where there's a bit of discussion going on, and I'd be interested in hearing people's thoughts.

Spoilers for the whole series in both posts and the comments.
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Being on crutches, in an apartment up a flight of stairs, has certainly made decluttering more challenging. I cannot take anything to trash/recycling, but have to get someone else to do it for me (and I live alone). Also, it's a lot more difficult to carry things from room to room.

Nevertheless, I persisted!

KonMari has completely changed a lot of household chores for me, from things I hate and avoid to things I actively want to do as a combination of relaxation/meditative activity and geeky hobby. (I still hate washing dishes though). Sherwood and Layla, who have both seen my apartment in various stages, can attest to how much this has changed how it looks.

Here is a set of shelves in my kitchen which had not been decluttered in twelve years. There's a huge space in the back of them which is very hard to reach into. Consequently, when I stash anything there, it tends to drift toward the back, where I can then neither see nor reach it. Otherwise I only opened it to grab a tool from the tool box.

The other day, having hired someone to run some errands for me and also take out the trash, I parked myself on the floor and pulled everything out, a task which at times involved lying flat on my stomach and using a tool to sweep things toward me. I really wish I'd photographed the floor once everything was out, because it was a hair-raising mound of trash and weird junk. I found a half-drunk bottle of Kahlua which had probably been there for twelve years. I found paper towels so old that they shattered like glass. I found a bag of birdseed that was at least ten years old, dating back from when I thought birds would come if I put out food. (They wouldn't.)

I dumped the trash in trash bags and sorted the rest. Here is the end result:

oursin: The Delphic Sibyl from the Sistine Chapel (Delphic sibyl)
[personal profile] oursin

Apparently there was some hoohah lately about people's degrees not matching up with their A-level results?? and people doing better than their A-level grades might have suggested so it was grade inflation? (whether there was evidence of the converse, and people with smashing A-level results and mediocre degrees, deponent knoweth not).

And I feel this fits in a bit with my post earlier this week in that it is weighted to one moment of shining early promise...

Years ago, I read somewhere about somebody who had, after a perhaps not very starry start, become an internationally renowned expert in, I think, educational theory, had published widely in the relevant peer-reviewed journals and with top publishers, won awards etc: and applying for some post, somebody on the panel looked at the c.v. and said, 'huh, they only got a 2.2 from [might have been a polytechnic? anyway, non-elite institution]'.

Okay, with the numbers of sly hoaxers there are in the world, perhaps it is a necessary check on people being who they say they are to have them put down educational information from decades ago, though I very much doubt this sort of thing gets checked ('Did XY attend your school and did they take and pass Geography O-level in year in question?') But there comes a point when the exact grades at least should no longer matter?

I also think of those young persons of promise who perhaps did something - a first book or whatever - that was considered a major achievement and the precursor to very great things indeed and basically either never got the second album together at all, or it was not quite all that.

Or, they got some cushy post and sat back. Or didn't even get the first book out in spite of being considered sure to do great things.

While others do not really hit their stride until much later - this is not, I think, the same as those women artists who have to wait until they are 90 and all their male competitors and critics have died off to be recognised, I'm thinking more of people who get it together, not entirely unlike oneself, in the middle way of life. And possibly not having given any particular signs of remarkable shiny promise.

I think there are lots of different trajectories possible, and I'm not sure that whooshing upwards like a rocket from the get-go is a terribly encouraging model to have in front of one.


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