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One of my friends who lives in the UK is going to be in San Diego for a work trip. I'm going to fly down for a day a see and see her in person! So I thought I'd ask here if anyone has advice for things to do in San Diego?
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1)The Bay Area was full of smoke form wildfires to the north for about two weeks. It was very unpleasant. We had to keep the kid inside and E who is in her 70s and has some breathing problems got quite sick. We were able to plan a last minute escape to Morro Bay where we spent two nights. I saw many sea otters! We hung out on the beach which was lovely, and E slept a lot and has recovered. So I'm really glad we had the time and money to do that

2) Our Thanksgiving was nice. I hosted for my family, and my turkey came out well. I still miss being in the UK or grad school and having peers to invite but its nice to have the family too.

3) I'm one of many people over at Lady Business discussing our anticipated books for 2019.
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So last Thursday R and got into the car and headed north. We were heading for Portland, OR, by way of Ashland.

We stopped for lunch in little town, that looked like an old railroad town. I had a fairly decent meal of pasta with pesto. Rural California is better than rural Iowa for vegetarians.

In Ashland we stayed with my family friends and my parents who were also visiting. We went out to dinner, and to see a play. We saw Two Gentlemen of Verona, with an all woman cast. I'm not sure if it was just because I was tried but the play seemed kind of hard to follow and fragmented.

The next day we walked around in Ashland in the morning. I had not been to Ashland in a while, but it is really quite a lovely city. We bought supermarket sandwiches for lunch, and drove the rest of the way to Portland.

We stayed in a town on the outskirts of the city, that was not very interesting. The main thing seemed to be a big mall. We were pretty close to the light rail, but far enough that we needed to drive to get to the station. The 1st evening we met up with my friend and had thai food for dinner.

The next day we took the light rail into town. First we went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which had lots of great hands on exhibits. I particularly liked their ecology stuff which had games about restoration.

Then we walked over the river and had some lunch. It was fun walking in the downtown because there are so many small parks. After lunch we went to Powell's Books which didn't live up to my hopes. It was really loud in there! I ended up going into sensory overload mode and not enjoying browsing very much. I've never been in such a loud bookstore. After that to calm down we had some ice cream.

Next we visited the Japanese Gardens, which are really pretty and calming. For dinner we found a handmade pasta place downtown that was really good, and probably my favorite meal of the the trip.

The next day we decided to drive up and look at Bonneville Dam. The drive along the Columbia gorge was beautiful, with many waterfalls to see as we went by. I didn't realize before hand that there is a hatchery as well as a dam. So we ended up looking at the hatchery 1st. It was really interesting. They raise a lot different types of fish. We got to see some huge Sturgeon, seriously they are bigger than I am. We also got to see some of the salmon returning. At the dam we saw the the fish ladder, and read about the history of the dam.

After that it was bit time for lunch. We stopped at the nearest town, were lunch was both really slow and not very tasty.

After lunch we went on short walk. It had on of those flyers pointing out things to see, except the things where not there. Instead it was like "once their was building right here." This was not much fun to look at.

Then we drove back to town and stopped at the mall, were my friend bought an emergency belt and we had some tea. After that we had quite a nice supper, featuring a really nice cheese plate.

The next morning we got up early to have breakfast with my my friend before she had to be at work. Then we drove all the way back in one day.


May. 12th, 2012 08:57 am
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I'm home again. It's great to be back -- flowers are blooming, the weather is lovely and there are strawberries to eat.

The last two days of driving where not very exciting. We didn't stop anywhere interesting along the way, and where generally a bit tried and cranky.

I do feel that I won at eating this trip -- I didn't eat a signal grilled cheese sandwich!

Denver Ho!

May. 9th, 2012 07:21 pm
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On Monday we drove form Kearny, NE to Denver. Tuesday we took off form driving to hang out in Denver.

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Today was mostly just driving through Wyoming, which is very beautiful. We are staying in a small town almost in Utah. We had dinner at hole in the wall Mexican place which was good.
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The 1st day of our road trip back to CA was fairly decent.

We got started around 9am. It was raining really hard and we got notably wet just walking to the car which was right outside. However it cleared up fairly soon.

We stopped for lunch in Omaha, and ate at a place called Jazz. Food was ok. Downtown Omaha is fairly dead on a Sunday afternoon, and lots of the buildings look rundown.

About 40 min outside of Omaha we stopped at the Strategic Air and Space Museum. We didn't know this existed until we drove by a sign for it on the highway. It has lots of military airplanes, and some space stuff and a few interactive exhibits.

We drove on for a bit and ended the day in Kearney, NE. hotel room is nice and even has a window seat.

Trip Report

Jun. 8th, 2011 08:15 am
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I'm back home! I never want to get on an airplane again and I have tickets to go out and look at housing in Iowa next week, and then yet more tickets to fly to the east coast for the 3rd wedding of the summer.

Anyways my trip to England was great. I stayed with [personal profile] jack in Cambridge for about the 1st week. I spent lots of time wandering around Cambridge, and visiting with people. I went to Granchester and had cream tea at The Orchard. That friday I borrowed a friends kitchen and made challah. [personal profile] jack and had an improvised shabbat which was very nice.

Saturday the 29th I went out to lunch with some very lovely friends and then helped them with some set up for their wedding the next day. Mostly folding napkins and a bit of sewing. Wish I had got to see them more. Their wedding Sunday was lovely. The ceremony was the most christian wedding I've been to -- but that isn't saying much. Most other people felt it was quite light on religion. They had nice food and ceilidh after. (Dancing is such fun -- I must find a way to do it more often).

Wednesday June 1 took the train up to [personal profile] liv. I stayed with her for a few days. We had a really nice time just hanging out doing low key stuff. I gave her a lesson in challah making and she answered lots of Jewish questions for me.

Then last Friday I took the train to [identity profile] I took some of the challah and lead shabbat diner. Was a bit nervous about it because she and her family are all christian, but I think it went well. Saturday we went to London and shopped. (I need b-day presents for my family.) Then met up with Pooh Soc people and had a meeting.

Sunday was [personal profile] kerrypolka and [personal profile] ewan's wedding. I'd never met either of them in person so I got to say "I'm from the internet" quite a bit. The wedding ceremony was adorable and I got to meet many other people who are also from the internet.

The dress which I wore to both weddings was a success. I got complements on it, and it was go for dancing in.

Monday Eudoxia and I stayed in, and invited our friend Ignatius over. We made scones and went into town to buy lunch and clotted cream. Then we came back and played board games all afternoon with a break for cream tea. It was an utterly brilliant day.

Wednesday I flew home -- leaving taking of from Heathrow around noon local time and avrive at SFO around 8 local time. It was mildly unpleasant but nothing went wrong. Glad to be home and seeing R and my family again.

Back Home

Jun. 10th, 2010 07:57 pm
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So I'm back form my trip to the UK. It was a good trip -- I saw lots of people I really wanted to see and did fun things. The flight back wiped me out a bit. 20+ hours of traveling after a bad nights sleep can do that. (They changed the layout of the plane on me so that my aisle seat turned into an middle seat, boo)

Home is ok -- but a bit lonely after seeing so many people.


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