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Today I found a really cool graphic essay about restoration and wilderness its called Knowing Prairies.

As you might remember I've studied ecology and environmental history and am pretty interested in how people think about wilderness. I thought this comic was a great introduction to the topic. It is not long only about five pages so check it out if that interests you.
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I'm interviewed in the most recent episode of Cabbages and Kings. We talked about immersion and worldbuilding, and I got to geek out a bit about ecology. The episode is 30 minutes long. Go have a listen if you'd like.

Cabbages and Kings is a fairly new podcast that I've been enjoying. (I've also been chatting with the host, Jonah Sutton-Morse on twitter.) All the episodes are 30 min or less which nice change from most SFF podcasts which are long and rambling. Currently there are lots interviews which feature people talking about their history with SFF and aspects of the genre they are passionate about. There are also some episodes that are in depth looks at books, I'm quite found to the two part episode on Ancillary Justice which talks a lot about theory of mind.
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This answer is part of the Environmental Science FONSFAQ. This was going to be part of Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, but it took longer then planed to write.

Q: Should I worry about genetically modified crops?

I’m going to assume that by genetically modified crops you mean transgenic crops. Some people argue that all domestication is a process of genetic modification. This is true but also a bit like saying all chemicals are natural. I think transgenic crops are clearly different from other forms of plant breeding. Transgenic crops are crops where genes from another species have been added to the original crop’s genome (the set of all of an organism’s genes). Two genes are most commonly used in modern agriculture: Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) a bacteria derived insecticide, and Roundup Ready – a gene which confers resistance to Monsanto’s herbicide: Roundup.

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