Feb. 27th, 2019

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*My kid brought home a stomach bug and we were all sick over the weekend. I'm still not feeling fully recovered.

* A lot of people I know are into found family in SFF. And I like it too but it struck me today that a lot of SFF media is bad at family of origin. Like there's my whole thing about moms. But also SFF is not great at siblings, or cousins or aunts and doesn't do a lot of large complex families.

*kinda relatedly I think the reason I'm so interested in fiction about mentorship is that I really want to be someone's mentor someday. Too bad that I'm not really an expert at anything and am thus not sure what I could mentor someone in.

*I really hate it when I have hold on something at library and the person who has checked out the book doesn't return it on time. Please, other person who I've never met I want my turn to read the books.
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In about a week and half, March 8-10 I will be at FOGcon in Walnut Creak CA. It a small local (to me) SFF convention. I'm excited to be spending a weekend talking about books! I'm going to be on a couple of panel which should be fun. Are any of my readers going? Let me know, I'd love to meet up.


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