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I recently finished watching season 3 of Legend of Korra. All the people who said that this season is better than the first two were right. There was very little teen romance in this, and the little there was was not awful. Also the season seemed much better paced and held together better thematically. This season had lots of my favorite characters plus it introduced some new characters that I liked a lot. So I really enjoyed the season though of course I have one or two complaints as well. But overall it was good season and I’m glad I watched it.

***Lots of Spoiler Containing thoughts***

Zaheer was great villain! I loved how learned he was and the way he was so cool and collected.He reminded me of some anarchists that I used to know, but clearly someone needs to sit him down to read up on collectivism and non-violence. Compared to other Korra villains his plans were fairly straightforward.The mystery came not because he was tricky but because he was being smart and not telling people his plans. Which I thought was nice change of pace.

I’m very impressed by the Fire Nation’s commitment to their anti-death penalty stance. They go to great lengths to imprison people rather than kill them. This was true in AtLA too. (I suspect that the writers haven’t really thought this through and are mostly using this to keep characters around.)

I really love Tenzin. He’s great mentor-type character. He really tries very hard to do the right thing but he’s wrong a lot. He wants people to do things his way perfectly the first time. However he’s able to learn from his mistakes and improve.“The Original Airbenders" which focused on Tenzin teaching the new Airbenders was one of my favorite episodes of the season. When Zaheer and crew attacked the temple and Tenzin chose to fight them! That was incredible! I found that fight the tensest moment of the series. I was really worried for everyone. Tenzin was super badass and stoic though, he was amazing.

On of the things that Tenzin is wrong about that I hope will get addressed more in future episodes is the difference between being an Air Nomad and being an airbender. Obviously in the past all airbenders where Air Nomads but the new airbenders are not part of that culture and didn’t grown up that way. So I hope that the show will explore this a bit more. And also that the new airbenders who where put off by Tenzin’s insistence that they leave their lives and adopt a new culture are offer at least some training. It seems unsafe just to leave them.

Another minor complaint that I have is the treatment of old!Zuko vs old!Katara with regards with who gets to fight. I was kinda annoyed that when Zuko showed up he got to be a badass fighter but when Katara was around she didn't fight even though in AtLA she's really badass too. She fought so hard to be trained in fighting so seeing her healing instead made me sad. I know I complained before that wanted Katara’s healing to be more important but I’m also sad she didn’t get to use her hard won skills. I can’t help but feel that gender played a role here.

I’m glad to show picked improved and now I’m excited to see the final season soon.
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