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In response to
“Where have all the SFF Moms Gone?”
I got a ton of recs for SFF with moms both in the comments and on twitter. So I thought I’d compile them all in one place for future reference. Most of these recs came with some commentary but I’m just going to list titles here. I’ll put the person who rec’ed the work afterwards in parentheses

Before I get to the fiction I want metion Tiffany Meuret’s great essay “Writing While Woman: Mothering in SFF” if you liked my piece you should go read this one too!

Now to the list!

Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews ([ profile] capek_kate)
The Memoirs of Lady Trent by Marie Brennan (me)
The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs ([ profile] kklein1686)
Raven Duology by Patricia Briggs (Sandstone, [ profile] quartzen)
Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold (me)
Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card ([personal profile] cahn)
Record of a Space Born Few by Becky Chambers (me)
Foreigner Novels by C.J. Cherryh ([personal profile] krait)
"Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang ([personal profile] cahn)
The Jan Xu Adventures by J. Damask (Judith Tarr [ profile] dancinghorse)
Xuya Universe Series by Aliette de Bodard ([personal profile] dolorosa_12)
The House of Binding Thorns by Aliette de Bodard ([personal profile] dolorosa_12)
Crown of Stars by Kate Elliott (Katharine Kerr [ profile] Kit_Kerr)
Court of Fives trilogy by Kate Elliott ([personal profile] dolorosa_12)
“Wild Ones” by Vanessa Fogg ([ profile] MariaHaskins)
“Firstborn” by Maria Haskins,( [ profile] FoggWriter)
Armed in Her Fashion by Kate Heartfield (Kate Heartfield [ profile] kateheartfield)
The Humours of Grub Street by Kate Heartfield (out next year) (Kate Heartfield [ profile] kateheartfield)
The Rolling Stones/Space Family Stone by Robert Heinlein ([personal profile] fred_mouse)
Dune by Frank Herbert ([personal profile] rosefox)
Quarters books by Tanya Huff ([personal profile] rosefox)
Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones ([ profile] kklein1686)
The works of C. Michelle Jefferies (C. Michelle Jefferies)
The works of N.K. Jemisin ([ profile] MariaHaskins),
Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin ([personal profile] cahn)
Nola O'Grady seriesby Katherine Ker (Katharine Kerr [ profile] Kit_Kerr)
Tales of Arthur by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison's Arthur .([personal profile] rosefox)
Provenance by Ann Leckie (anon2)
Minerva Wakesby Holly Lisle (Anon1)
“That only a Mother” by Judith Merril ([ profile] wissewords)
Shadow on the Heart by Judith Merril ([ profile] wissewords)
The works of Nnedi Okorafor([ profile] MariaHaskins)
The Amelia Peabody Mysteries by Elizabeth Peters ([personal profile] heavenscalyx Not SFF)
Archangel by Marguerite Reed([ profile] ZZClaybourne)
Telzey Amberdon stories by James K. Schmitz ([personal profile] stardreamer)
The Witches of Karres by James K. Schmitz ([personal profile] rosefox)
The works of Angela Slatter ([ profile] MariaHaskins)
Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar (me) (note:cartoon)
The Golden Horn by Judith Tarr (Judith Tarr [ profile] dancinghorse)
The Hounds Of God by Judith Tarr (Judith Tarr [ profile] dancinghorse)
Alamut by Judith Tarr (Judith Tarr [ profile] dancinghorse)
The Dagger And The Crossby Judith Tarr (Judith Tarr [ profile] dancinghorse)
Constantinople Books by Judith Tarr (Katharine Kerr [ profile] Kit_Kerr)
Tales of the Raksura by Martha Wells(Judith Tarr [ profile] dancinghorse)
My Real Children by Jo Walton (Kate Heartfield [ profile] kateheartfield)
Lifelode by Jo Walton([ profile] kklein1686)
"And Come from Miles Around" by Connie Willis ([personal profile] cahn)
Caught in Crystal by Patricia Wrede (Sandstone, [ profile] quartzen)
Great Alta books by Jane Yolen ([personal profile] rosefox)

I also got couple of maybes that I’ll list at the end here:
[personal profile] rosefox said “I don't exactly recommend David and Leigh Eddings's Belgariad/Malloreon series, but Polgara is actually a pretty great mother figure”

And Sandstone said “Sarah Zettel's Fool's War might also have mom MC”

Additionally Anon 2 recommended the romance genre as source of fictional moms, and also mentioned memoirs, citing Catherine Newman as a favorite.

And that’s a the list! Thanks so much to everyone who recommended something! If anyone thinks of other works that could be added please let me know! I love recs. I’ll be reading a bunch of these in nearish future.

One other note: [personal profile] cahn started a post on her journal asking for recs for of books (not necessarily SFF) that feature moms that’s you can check out for even more recs.
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