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More oyster work yesterday. I was told I'd be picked up at 7 so I got up at 6:30, I was ready by 7 but my ride didn't show until 7:45! So I was rather tried. Getting up before 7 am always makes me a bit grumpy, I don't mind getting up at 7 but anything before strikes me as too early.

However it was lovely day to be on the shore of the bay, and we where in a lovely spot. The weather was sunny and cool with fluffy clouds, and we where far away from most highway noses so much of the time we could birds calling. It's great to be paid to be outside on a day like that.
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It has been a while since I posted not about books. (Even longer if you think nattering about bookshelves is posting about books.) Really though my life has been fairly quite. I've been doing oyster work again. For newish readers, and those with vague memories: I work part time as a field tech for an environmental non-profit on a project to remove invasive oysters form the San Francisco Bay. This mostly means hiking over rocky bits of the bay shore, with eyes down looking for oysters that look almost like rocks. The tides where bad the last several months, but it is good to be back at work again. The weather has even been nice and sunny the last few days. I work again this afternoon.


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