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Daily Life Stuff:
I'm making bread again -- Tassajara with oats and flax seeds today.

I've decided to clean out the inside of my dollhouse. I have this huge dollhouse -- its a 3 story Victorian that a grown-up friend and I put together from a kit when I was about 16. I used to collect minis -- I have all kinds of tiny things. However, I'm currently against owning too much stuff. So the plan is to take the minis out to the dollhouse, find homes for the things I want to keep (I currently have one shelf for minis, and a fair bit of clutter on my computer desk -- mostly pigs and Daleks) and put the things I don't want to keep in the charity pile in the spare room. Then I can move the dollhouse out and replace it with a bookshelf. (Maybe. I hope so anyways because books don't count as stuff/clutter and I need more shelf-space.)

On the projects note I've finally started to short out all the recipes. Oh and I've done an bit of sewing even if it is only mending. The undead jeans ride again!

I've love some recommendations for books about Jewish people that don't feature the holocaust.

Also why do Quakers seem to be disproportionately represented in Science Fiction about religious people?


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