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I’ve been using Goodreads to track my to-read list and my reading since 2010. Over that time I’ve figured out several tricks to help make the most of Goodreads as a source of data about my reading --especially for tracking my personal reading goals. I find that Goodreads has lot of useful functionality that’s not well documented and can be somewhat clunky to use. So I thought I’d write up some of my most-used ways to get info out of Goodreads.

All of these tips are for the web browser version of Goodreads. They all begin at the “My Books” page. You can get there by clicking on “My Books” at the top leftish (after “Goodreads” and “Home”) of the screen.

Show the intersection of two (or more) Shelves
Goodreads lets you add lots and lots of tags or “Shelves,” as they call them. Sometimes it’s handy to see a list of works that you’ve tagged with more than one shelf. For example, you might have one shelf called “fantasy” and one called “lgbt+”. If a friend asked you to rec them some queer fantasy, it would be helpful to see what books have both tags. So here’s how you do that.

1.Go to “My Books.”
2. Select one of the shelves you want.
3. At the bottom of the list of shelves the words “select multiple” appear in bold. Click on this.
4.After each shelf, a little plus sign will appear. Click on these to add more shelves. (If you add a shelf you don’t want to include, you can hit the minus sign to remove it. Alternately, all the shelf labels will appear at the top next to “My Books” and you can hit the little “x” in the label.)
5. After you’ve clicked all the shelves you want, you should have a list of books that match all of those shelves. At the bottom of the page, Goodreads will show you the number of books that meet the criteria. (Exactly how this will show will depend on your settings -- I have infinite scroll on, which looks a bit different if than if you have set number of books per page.)

Show all books with a tag read in a year
This is super helpful when you have a reading goal like “read 15 non-fiction books this year.”

1.Go to the “My Books” tab.
2.Click “stats” (It's on the second line of text, toward the right).
3.An overview of all the years you have Goodreads stats for will appear. The rightmost set of buttons say “view books from [year].”
4.Click on the year you are interested in, and a list of books read that year will appear
5.On the left, there is a list of all your “Shelves” (aka tags). Click on the tag you are interested in. You should now have a list of books read that year with the selected tag. The number in () after the the tag should be the count of how many books you read that year that fall under that tag or shelf. Or you can use the number at the bottom of page as above.
(Every now and again this trick fails -- I haven’t figured out why though.)

Sort by date published
Did you know you can get goodreads to sort your books by all kinds of things that don’t show up in the default view? My personal favorite is date published, but you can also sort by things like condition, or even recommender. I’ll be using date published for this example though.

You can do this from your “My Books” page, but it takes a bit of set up.

Use settings (Below tan bar, level with “My Books”) to select which info is shown.2. A gray menu full of ticky boxes will appear. Make sure “date pub” is checked.
3. Click settings again to collapse the menu.
4. “Date pub” will now appear as one of the columns in the table showing your books. You can click on any of the column headings to sort by that heading -- clicking a second time will reverse the order. Once you’ve add a column it will be the default for that shelf, but you may have to add it to other shelves.

I hope some of you find this helpful! Let me know if anything is confusing and I’ll try and help you out. And please share any Goodreads tips that you have.
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