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It feels like DW has been different and more active since all the Tumblr drama. Things feel busier and buzzier here, I've been getting a more comments form out of network folks (welcome!) and just in general. Its nice (well presumably less so for tumblr folks, sorry).

Anyway some people I know are doing February is for shitposting. I've read several discussions about what shitposting is and I'm still not sure I understand. But it seem to mostly involve being absurd and/or not thinking about it too hard. There doesn't seem to be a formal challenge for this just "go forth a do things! Have fun". Well I prefer more formal goals. Having achievable goals and achieving them is nice feeling. So for February I'm going to set myself a nice easy goal of post four(4) unpolished posts. Stuff that I don't draft but just post without thinking about it too much.

Have you noticed a change in DW in the last few months? Are you thinking about taking part in the February challenge?
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