Mar. 12th, 2019

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I had great time at FOGcon, a small local convention in Walnut Creek, CA, last weekend. I was bit nervous going in because the last few years I've gone with my friend [personal profile] owlmoose but this year she's on the JoCoCruise and so couldn't make it. So I was worried I was going to spend lots of time standing around awkwardly not talking to people. But if fact I talked to many awesome people.

On Friday afternoon I went out to Walnut Creek with R and the kid an we had lunch together before the con. Then I went to get checked in and register for the con. At reg they always have lots of stickers and pens so I wrote pronouns and "Forestofglory" (since my badge listed by legal name) and put some cute stickers on my badge.

Then I went to a panel on "Friends and Found Chosen" which was really interesting. The panelist talked about friendships changing over time, the line between a friend and chosen family member, why queer are more likely to form chosen families, and more.

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